To source and serve the finest quality produce in our areas of 'Speciality coffee, fine wines and premium Spanish & Argentine produce'


From the day we first opened our doors to the public we have been working with and serving the finest speciality coffee beans to our customers. 

We are extremely proud to be working in partnership with EXTRACT COFFEE ROASTERS who are based in Bristol. Extract source and roast the finest of speciality coffees for us on a weekly basis and we are currently serving up a 'single origin' washed Colombian bean of the 'caturra' varietal.

Those of you who have already tried our coffee know that it is an outstanding bean and roast which is excellent both with and without milk. It is a Latin American bean meaning it has strong elements of toffee and nuts but it also has a high citrus and acidity element to it which is more often found in African beans and varietals.


We have been using non-homogenised and organic milk since we opened which is supplied to us from the Award Winning dairy farm at the GOODWOOD ESTATE DAIRY FARM.



To many, we are just as well known for our food produce as well as our coffees and our Empanadas have found their own fame in the local area. We used to have these made for us by Portena in Borough Market until demand was such that we use a centralised kitchen to prepare the fillings for us before we bake them fresh every day in store.