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  • Colombia
  • Decaf - Ethyl Acetate
  • Local Landraces
  • Chocolate, Vanilla, Golden Rum
  • Smallholder Producers
  • Surcafe Tolima

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    Our bag makes around cups of coffee

    Coffee information

    If you prefer your coffee to be delivered pre-ground to your doorstep, please be sure to choose your desired brewing method from the 'Wholebean or Ground' dropdown menu before adding the coffee to your cart.


    Your coffee will be fresh-roasted and sent out on the following business day using first-class postage.

    PRODUCED BY Surcafe Tolima

    Surcafes was established in 2016 with the primary goal of enhancing the value for a collective of 54 producers, most of whom have a heritage deeply rooted in traditional coffee cultivation. The majority of these producers are situated within the Canon de las Hermosas, a national park nestled in the Valle del Cauca and Tolima departments, positioned at the highest altitudes of the Cordillera Central Range. Notably, this region is characterized by its remarkable wetlands and an impressive array of 387 glacial lakes. These unique geographical features create an ideal environment for the cultivation and growth of specialty coffees, owing to the exceptional agro-ecological conditions it offers.


    We're committed to delivering exceptional flavor. Our unwavering passion for coffee and our pursuit of excellence have taught us that the magic lies in the details. That's why we've made a solemn promise to engage in Small-Batch Roasting.

    Small-Batch Roasting offers a multitude of advantages.

    Firstly, it grants us unparalleled control over the process, resulting in coffee that boasts a rich and intricate flavor profile.

    Secondly, it opens up a world of possibilities for us to explore different roasting techniques, potentially uncovering the ideal roast for each coffee bean.

    Thirdly, it empowers us to roast coffee upon order, ensuring that every cup is consistently fresh.

    If you're on a quest for the finest coffee experience imaginable, then your search should lead you to coffee that has been meticulously roasted in small batches. Such coffee offers an unmistakably vibrant and intricate flavor profile that surpasses its larger-batch counterparts.

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