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Filter Coffee Bundle | Single Origin Specialty Arabica Coffee Beans

Filter Bundle

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Nº3 Colombia


Notes: Guava, Mango, Berries, Passionfruit

SCA Score: 88.5

Variety: Castillo

Farm: Paraiso 92

Family: Wilton Benitez

Process: Experimental

Price When Bought Separately: £18.00

Nº4 Colombia


Notes: Mango, Rum, Dried Fruits

SCA Score: 87.5

Variety: Pink Bourbon

Farm: El Libano

Family: Esneider Rivera

Process: Natural

Price When Bought Separately: £18.00

Nº5 Rwanda


Notes: Mixed Berries, Grapefruit, Toffee

SCA Score: 87.5

Variety: Red Bourbon

Farm: Smallholder Producers

Family: Gitega Hills

Process: Washed

Price When Bought Separately: £16.00

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when will I get My Bag?

Shipping might take between 1 and 5 business days, depending on the selected shipping method.

what’s the cost of shipping?

Shipping for coffee is free on orders above £30.

For orders below £30, the shipping cost in the UK is £4.95.

How ofTen do you roast your coffee?

We roast our coffees on a weekly basis. This allows us to delivery fresh produce with every order.

Based on 244 reviews


Nº1 Nicaragua
Charles Bithell

Nice flavour

Nº1 Nicaragua
Charles Bithell

Very nice

Great hat

Well made. Looks good and delivery was prompt.

Orange x Tan
Brian Somerville
Fantastic Cap!

Brilliant service, quick delivery - even to Northern Ireland - and a quality product, getting loads of comments 🙌

Tamp Apparel: Japanese Trucker Cap

It arrived yesterday. Lovely box with nice gloss Tamp logos on it. Easy tear strip to open up & then hey presto 1 x Japanese Trucker Cap that is a seriously premium bit of kit. I should've read the description as didn’t realise the white front was cotton rather than the usual trucker foam. Very impressed & thanks for the Haribo & sticker too. I may even try their coffee now! 10/10

Blue Tamp Trucker Cap
Christian Bailey

Blue Tamp Trucker Cap

Blue Tamp Trucker Cap

Great design, Good colours, I particularly like the wide flat peak

Yellow x Tan
Mark Hancock
Nice Cap!

Ok so it’s just a cap but it’s really well designed and the materials are great. Really can’t fault it.

Handmade Leather Keyring - Green
John McGurk
Leather keyring

Looks great , excellent quality & easy on the wallet price,fast delivery & should last for years does what it says on the tin keeps all your keys in the one place.

Its an
awesome cap

Orange x Tan
Nik Davies
Orange cap

Good quality great cap lovely different cap i have loads of caps and this one is my favourite

Filter | Brazil
Dan Harrison
Great great coffee

Genuinely really good coffee ground the way you need it delivered.. not much else you can say 👌

Japanese Foam Cap
Niall Murphy
Quality, quality, quality

The quality of a product is imperative and I can confirm that the Tamp hat I purchased oozes quality

Japanese Foam Cap
Thomas Stanton
Sexy cap

Really wanted one of these for a while…did not disappoint. Nice shape and good quality

Orange x Tan
Paul Stead
This headwear is next level

Had many caps/headwear over the years but the quality and style of these instantly hit you when opening the box …already looking at my next order

Yellow x Tan
Sam Blackwell
Great caps!

I brought 3 trucker caps, as they are quite difficult to find these days. I’m wary of buying online without trying but luckily the caps were really good quality, fit well and the colour ways were a bit different (besides the all black one). Very happy with my purchase!

Filter | Colombia
Craig Speckman
Too fruity

Lovely taste and feel in the mouth but too fruity for my liking

Orange x Tan
Ross McCall
Best cap I’ve bought in a while

Superb quality material, comfortable fit, strong colours. My new favourite cap. The free black and white foam trucker is a slightly different shape and not quite as good a fit, but still great quality especially for a free item.

Filter | Colombia
Thomas Stanton
Lovely coffee and great hat

Ordered coffee for the first time…did not disappoint. Lovely coffee and great as an espresso . The hat is wicked!

Orange x Tan
Kevin Flynn
love it

I love my caps and do have quite a few. I have to say this is my favourite of them all! The colours are great. I'ts timeless. fast delivery as well, thank you very much.

Japanese Foam Cap
Shaun Buckley
Awesome cap

Awesome cap super fast dispatch and delivery. 👌🏻

Blue Tamp Trucker Cap
Shaun Buckley
Excellent product

Excellent product with super fast dispatch and delivery.

Great service

Couple of caps, arrived quick time, safe and sound. Thank you!

Grey Fuzz x Brown
Paul Harris
Fab products


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How many cups will I get out of 200g of coffee?

This primarily depends on the ratio specified in the recipe. For rough estimates, consider using 11 cups as a reference.

How often do you roast your coffee?

We roast our coffee weekly, ensuring each cup delivers a fresh product.

How should I store my coffee?

While there exist numerous opinions on coffee storage, our foremost suggestion is to store whole bean coffee either in its original packaging, tightly sealed with excess air removed through the one-way valve, or in an airtight container permitting carbon dioxide to escape while preventing oxygen ingress. Regardless of the method, it's crucial to store coffee in a cool, dry location, shielded from direct sunlight.

How long does an open bag last? And a closed one?

The lifespan of vacuum-sealed coffee depends on a few things, like whether it's whole bean or ground, how good the coffee is, and how long it can be kept.

Normally, vacuum-sealed bags with whole roasted coffee beans stay fresh for about six months. But you might start noticing the flavor getting worse after two weeks. So, it's better to use the beans sooner. Still, you can use them for up to 6-9 months after their "best by" date.

Ground coffee loses its flavor faster because it has more surface area, which makes it start to go bad soon after it's ground, even if it's vacuum-sealed. Expect ground coffee to stay fresh for 3-5 months past its "best by" date.

Even unopened coffee grounds go bad eventually, but it takes a while.

Why do you recommend tamp club subscription?

The Tamp Club subscription goes beyond a simple coffee subscription.

You will be the first to taste our newest coffees.

You will receive occasional gifts from our apparel selection apart from your unique dog-tag with your member number.

Rest assured, once you are in, we will make sure to impress you with every order.